1. 🌃

  2. Lovers Spit on repeat. || Last night I went on a great bike ride around MPLS with @schmick_dingleheimer. We were right in front of the new Whole Foods downtown, when I glanced on the east side of hennepin and saw this fountain with two silhouettes. Had to shoot it. We bike over, and politely, I ask the two women if I can take some photos. Nick and I hopped off our bikes and started snapping as the two young women began kissing. To feel comfort in your own city, in public, and to allow strangers to capture your life for a moment, was very rewarding. Glad to have captured this moment. Look out for @schmick_dingleheimer’s shot, I think he bested me on this one.

  3. The bae, @schmick_dingleheimer. (at Hennepin Avenue Bridge)

  4. Shadowplay 🌇 (at Target Field)

  5. Crotchester.

  6. It is a happiness to wonder…

  7. Fun session rolling around Minneapolis with @yourfavoriteuncle. Saw fireworks at Target Field and met with the homie @schmick_dingleheimer. Solid Sunday night. (at Target Field)

  8. Iron and leather.

  9. Victory. (at Victory Ramp)

  10. …or forever… (at Lowertown Depot)

  11. Minneapolis isn’t named after a Saint. (at Indian Mounds Park)

  12. The Devil and John Berryman, they took a walk together
    And they ended up on Washington talking to the river
    He said, “I’ve surrounded myself with doctors and deep thinkers
    Their big heads and soft bodies make for lousy lovers” (at Hennepin Ave Bridge)

  13. Some of my more recent shots, taken while roaming the Twin Cities.

  14. Happy Birthday to one of my closest friends for many years. Love ya, ciao!

  15. #ponythemustang #612brew #artawhirl (at 612BREW)